Color Key Blanks

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Published: 26th January 2011
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Color key blanks make great gifts for anyone as everyone should have a duplicate key for their house or office in case they lose their original one. The selection for color key blanks is endless and very colorful. I am just going to categorize them for you first and then give you more details. Color Keys include flowers, hearts, animals, sports, flames, cars, fruits, cupid, love, dollar bills, lightening, choppers, bikes, gambling, flags, moon & stars, ying yang, happy faces, sunset, music and romance.

In addition to the above, here is a breakdown of 4 popular categories: Flowers, Animals, Sports, and Romance. Flower keys include Sunflower, Roses, Tulips, Mixed flowers, Hibiscus, and Wild flowers.

Some of the animal keys we have are: Dogs, cats, horses, penguin, dolphins, lion, tiger, humming birds, lady bug, parrots, peacock feather, leopard print, zebra print, cheetah print, dragon, moose, camouflage, panda, butterflies and paws.

Under sports keys we have: Baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, soccer and skateboard.

We have a very special romantic keys collection which includes Roses, Hawaiian Sunset, Clover Leaf, Flowers & Hearts, Strawberries, Cherries, Music, I Love You and Cupid.

Key Craze in Canada is the storehouse of color key blanks.We have wide collection of varieties,including residential, commercial, padlock, foreign and domestic automobile, high security, truck, tractor, equipment, motorcycle, boat, guitar, Obama, Nascar aew available at Key Craze.

The list is endless. We have a key for everyone, either young or old, male or female, animal lovers, sports people, bikers and car lovers, gamblers, people who love flowers, business people and so on. You name it, we have it.

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