Key Craze Key Blank taking Canada by Storm

Published: 27th May 2011
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Key Craze is manufacturing key blanks in Canada. And it won’t be wrong to say that after United States, it has taken the blank key market by storm in this part of the globe. One of the main reasons why Key Craze has earned popularity in Canada is owing to the fact that it offers to its repeat as well as new customers a whole rage of designs, styles, and patterns to choose from.

Interestingly, whether it is a key blank wholesale in Canada you are looking for or opting for a retail expense, the wide array of key blanks Canada Key Craze has to offer will surely not disappoint you.

Key Craze blank key designs selling like hot cakes

Prior to exploring the different designs of key blanks in Canada, let us find out what’s so special about Canada Key Craze.

In Canada, the cost of Schlage or SC1 and Kwikset or KW1 is the lowest.

Mail Box keys like XL-7, NA14, and NA12 are making rounds among different categories of clients

Car keys like B102 for Honda, TR47 or Toyota, Y159 or Chrysler, and H75 or Ford key blanks are the most selling key blanks in Canada offered by Key Craze.

Key blank styles of Key Craze in Canada

The best part is that the blank keys you find in the United States of America are also available in Canada. You get to enjoy the same benefits. For instance, if you order any type of blank key the value of which exceeds $100.00, you enjoy free shipping facilities. In order to get your set of key blanks in Canada, call 800 490 7539, you can also send a FAX to 800 867 1539.

In Canada, Key Craze has earned the reputation of offering the most number of blank key styles. Let us explore few designs.

Titanium Color Blank Keys – Lightweight blank keys are usually given this name as they are light. Made of aluminum, these keys are much softer than the other key blanks offered by Key Craze.

Three Stooges Keys – The 3 Stooges key blanks is very popular. Designed for any purpose, they are sure to make you a proud owner of a key blank

Hand Saw and Gun Key blanks – These are categories of blank keys that have become very popular among the customers. The Gun blank keys are popular among the young and dynamic who love to have a fling with adventure.

3D Butterfly Keys – Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, the butterfly blank keys are among one of the favorites.

Other Blank keys offered by Key blank Canada

In addition to the blank keys mentioned above, you will come across various other types of such blank keys that can appeal to your aesthetic senses. Also watch out for the New Arrivals that the company constantly posts in their website. If you want to keep it simple and plain, there are regular key blanks that you can opt for.

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